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Welcome at www.freezerstorageDS.com

www.freezerstorageDS.com/XYZ/sdasd/adfl561 is the link that Bella clicks in the Twilight movie when she searches for "The Cold Ones".

I started examining if the website does exist in real life and found that most of the google links that are shown in the movie don't exist. Most of them are owned by Summit Entertainment, the company that produces the twilight movies. But www.freezerstorageDS.com was not. So I got the domain and started rebuilding the website close to the movie.

Building the webpage was not easy done because none of the pages are shown as a whole. Bella scolls, looks for details, moves with her eyes across the pages. So I had to collect many screenshots of the movie and integrate the pieces to a whole. Quite funny that work.

So, what you see here is the result. Have fun with it.

If you better like to start as Bella in the movie with a Google search, try my fictional Google page (made for this project) and type "Cold Ones":